Pistoia has a long tradition of plant nurseries and market gardens within which, since post-war years, the name of Zelari has been a total guarantee of professionalism and competency.

Over the years, Zelari's activities have led to the formation of three separate but independent companies, each highly specialised in its own field. Together they make up Zelari Group and they have strengthened and consolidated the brand, making it a key player on the international scene - not only in the classic plant nursery sector.

Garden Zelari is a commercial structure for retail sales of plants, accessories and equipment.

Compagnia del Verde grew up to satisfy larger customer requests and to service a wider client base. This company deals with big projects - sports facilities, new urban green spaces, shopping centres, parks and tourist villages.

Zelari Company is the agricultural holding that produces for both of the above and deals with wholesale customers.

These three brands, working in perfect harmony, have allowed the Zelari Group to become a solid reality both in the traditional plant nursery sector and in green installations and urban furniture, as well as directly marketing its own products.


Compagnia del Verde was created to differentiate at business-unit level the Group's activities. It was also needed to address a new market that demanded top levels of professionalism and specialisation.

Determined to expand and keen to make its name on the domestic and international scenes, in a short time the company was leading the field in designing and creating green spaces, as well as serving a niche market of public and private customers.

Strong in the experience of the Zelari brand, Compagnia already has a long list of impressive projects to its credit: from public works (city gardens, shopping centres, grass car parking, tourist villages) to sports grounds (golf courses or football pitches), going on to big private projects (parks, woodlands). Compagnia del Verde deals with new green spaces from start to finish, and if required also takes on their maintenance.